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it’s hard to stay in shape

The life of a swimmer is hard. And I’m not talking about competitive swimming like Michael Phelps. Of course that’s hard. After a few months of being inactive (E.g. not running, not going to the gym, not swimming), I decided to go to the pool today.

Bad idea.

I not only struggled swimming a few laps but I also spent 5-minute long breaks after every two laps. Talk about being a nationally certified lifeguard and swimming instructor. I do not deserve the titles, do I?

Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle these setbacks.

Which is true to some extent. I plan on swimming every single week. I know and understand that it will be even harder to get my lazy ass to the pool but I have to try. My staff training is in a few weeks! I cannot embarrass myself in front of all my friends and co-workers!

I’ll manage.

For the time being, I need to work on my math, chemistry, and french. Then I have to study for the SAT. Boring day? You bet. Many opportunities for failure.


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