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I have many favourite bands…including MGMT. I was kind of frustrated that tickets for their concert sold out so fast! They sold out within 4 hours! Well…I guess it was a small venue in the first place so they couldn’t fit as many people.

Anyway, this is probably old news but their album Congratulations is out and they’ve been getting a lot of smack from the media and music critics. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I LOVED it. And yes, I’ve listened to every single one of their tracks on this album. In fact, I bought this entire album off of iTunes. I’m amazing? I know. I think I’m probably going to buy the actual album too.

Anyway, full track listing is included below.

1. It’s Working
2. Song For Dan Treacy
3. Someone’s Missing
4. Flash Delirium
5. I Found A Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
7. Brian Eno
8. Lady DaDa’s Nightmare
9. Congratulations

I highly recommend you ch-ch-check it out.


across the universe

It all started when I listened to that Beatles song “Across the Universe.” John Lennon’s deep lyrics and mellow, melodious repetition of the line, “Nothing’s gonna change my world…” had my head in a daze. I repeated it over and over again with that same sense of pride of how amazing my life was. Without a second thought, I dubbed this song as one of my favourite songs. Little did I know how quickly it would turn into such an omen.

I’m extremely superstitious. I don’t mean any harm to the song itself. I respect the Beatles. In fact, they’re my favourite band. This song has such a symbolic meaning for me…so much that it has turned into a sort of jinx.

Have you ever experienced your world just…falling apart? And it seems to only happen to you but no one else around you? It sucks. And it started to happen to me the very few days after I started listening to that song. “Nothing’s gonna change my world?” Yeah, right. My world was changing fast. In fact, it’s changing right now as I type this.

It’s hard to escape when you have such serious matters to deal with in your reality. In your life. My world is falling apart. I have no glue to stick everything back together. School is going down the drain. How is it possible to have a high 90% average only to drop nearly 10% lower than that? Impossible.

I’m shocked. I’m just wondering when this whirlwind will stop. People are turning against me. School has turned against me. Teachers have turned against me. My family is falling apart. My friends are separating. What do to next? All I have left is music.

a dreamer out of the ordinary

There are two types of people in this world. There are people who like a routine lifestyle and there are people who like spontaneity in their lives. I would say I’m both.

I don’t hate routine. In fact, I actually enjoy the safety and security of knowing what’s going to go on in my day. I like to follow a structured schedule and I welcome the mundane lifestyle. There’s nothing better than a to-do list.

Nevertheless, there is only so much I can take. After months of continually waking up, going to school, attending the same classes, finishing up work, and finally going to sleep, it gets old. It gets boring. There comes a point when I can’t stand this lackluster life of mine.

That’s when I start to dream.

I start to wander into my own little world inside my head. I separate myself. I isolate myself. I welcome isolation, in fact. I wouldn’t say I start to daydream. I still pay attention in all my classes. But, once I go home, instead of sticking to my promises of finishing up my schoolwork, I start to lie down, close my eyes, and let my imagination take me away. I dream of things that probably will never happen in real life – various scenarios, situations, and predicaments. I imagine myself living in different worlds. I dream of anything that will add a more exciting aspect into the normalcy of my life.

Fantasy books? I love them. My favourite series would have to be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I would love to live on Middle Earth. There are different creatures, various journeys to venture through, and many adventures to embark upon. I would give up my precious bed for a chance to meet Gandalf the Grey – or should I say, after the Two Towers – Gandalf the White. And we all know that nobody would enjoy giving up their bed. Star Wars is definitely a close second. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I am oh, so proud of it.

In my bed, that’s where I do most of my dreaming. I love sleep so much, in fact, that I fall asleep right away – quite instantaneously. My dreams are vivid. Sometimes they involve fantasies. Sometimes they involve improvements of the life I’m already living. Perhaps I got a new dog. Perhaps I got the job I always wanted – a promotion to head guard at the pool, maybe. Yeah, like that will ever happen in real life.

In fact, like anything I ever dream of will happen in real life. That’s the downside of dreams. It’s a temporary escape from routine – from reality. In their end, your dreams always end, and you’re back to where you left off – finishing up question #16 on page 240 of your math textbook.