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I have many favourite bands…including MGMT. I was kind of frustrated that tickets for their concert sold out so fast! They sold out within 4 hours! Well…I guess it was a small venue in the first place so they couldn’t fit as many people.

Anyway, this is probably old news but their album Congratulations is out and they’ve been getting a lot of smack from the media and music critics. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I LOVED it. And yes, I’ve listened to every single one of their tracks on this album. In fact, I bought this entire album off of iTunes. I’m amazing? I know. I think I’m probably going to buy the actual album too.

Anyway, full track listing is included below.

1. It’s Working
2. Song For Dan Treacy
3. Someone’s Missing
4. Flash Delirium
5. I Found A Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
7. Brian Eno
8. Lady DaDa’s Nightmare
9. Congratulations

I highly recommend you ch-ch-check it out.