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prom would be amazing with that boy (2/2)

Dear Prom Date,

I can’t believe it but you did it. You asked me out to prom. I never thought you would after that embarrassing episode at work a couple of days back. But you did it anyway.

Hey,” you said. “How would you feel about…me taking you to prom?

And that was it.

No balloons, no roses, no graffiti-like writing on walls or banners, no special paintings, no surprises. But I didn’t need all those things. I didn’t even need a prom date in the first place. I was perfectly content with going alone. But when I thought about it, prom would be absolutely amazing with you. I just ruled you out because I never thought it could happen.

What? Really?” I was totally taken aback. “But why would you want to go to a high school prom? You’re in university!

I know you think prom is overrated but I want you to look back and say that it was the ‘best time of my life.’

And so we went to prom.

First, I need to apologize for a couple of things that happened at prom though.

I’m sorry that the pre-prom party wasn’t really a party but rather, a gathering of my two best friends and one of their dates.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot of friends but these are my closest friends and to me, two best friends are all I need.

I’m sorry that the backdrop for all of our pictures wasn’t the greatest. I saw your prom pictures and you had about 20 people surrounding that beautiful, blue pool of your friend’s.

I’m sorry that my friend’s house didn’t have a pool nor a huge, green garden.

I’m sorry that we got mostly pavement, yellow lawns, the sidewalk, and old houses in our prom pictures.

I’m sorry that my old digital camera didn’t help make the pictures seem ‘larger than life‘. Most people’s cameras do that. They have those complicated, high-tech colour and lighting settings. I’m sorry that my camera made the pictures seem worse than it actually did in real life. If that’s even possible.

I’m sorry that the limo was pretty empty. I could tell even the limo driver was taken aback. Why did we order a limo for five people, again?

I’m sorry that I’m not the most popular of people. The meet-and-greet with the entire graduating class – most of whom don’t even pay attention to me – was the part I was scared of the most.

I’m sorry about what happened before we went into the actual banquet hall. I noticed you tried to hold my hand. I’m sorry that I pulled away but I suffer from excessive sweating – particularly my hands, feet, and underarms. I’m sorry I just said that. Did I gross you out? I probably did. I know I sound like an idiot. No other girl has this sweating problem. I want to let you know that I really did want to hold your hand. You were charming, as always. After a few seconds of taking in what I said, you put your hand on my waist instead and walked me in. I’m sorry that you had to do that.

But enough with the apologies. I know you hate it when I say “I’m sorry” all the time. You always tell me that I have nothing to worry about. In fact, you kept on saying how you were having a great time that night. That’s nice to know.

As we walked into the banquet hall, people’s heads turned – including all of my teachers – which is surprising. I never thought they’d notice me. I knew they were wondering how I could possibly get myself a date to prom – especially with someone like you. I was asking myself the same question.

I was always the quiet one at my school. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never had a first kiss. I didn’t mind.

But people came up to me, alright. I could tell they didn’t really want to talk to me. They were asking these short, generic questions. “Oh, how are you?” I could tell by the way they were looking at you that they’d rather be talking to you.

I could hear whispers all around me. The same question over again, “Who is she with? He’s cute!

But more importantly, “How did she get someone like that to be her date?

Other people came up to take pictures. No small talk. Just, “Take a picture with me!” They wanted a picture of you.

You handled yourself like a prince. This sounds cheesy but I have never felt so proud. Simply put, you’re every girl’s dream. You were courteous, handsome, well-mannered, and hilarious – just like I knew you’d be. You were polite to everyone that night – trying to get to know the people in my life. I think you thought that they were my friends or something and that you had to make a good first impression. All night, you made everyone laugh like little crazy and when they made you laugh, you laughed the laugh I love the most – the adorable chuckle I fell in love with. And I didn’t fall for you because you were “hot” or “sexy.” I actually don’t think you’re either of those things. No offense to you or anything. I really can’t find another word to describe you but handsome – or dashing.

And that was one of my biggest fears. That someone else would see how amazing you were and that you’d be gone. But I also realized how strong our friendship was that night. I saw a glimmer of hope about how you felt about me. You’ve been hinting at it ever since we first met.

Some of the most popular girls came up to us and they were absolutely gorgeous. You smiled politely but I could tell you weren’t interested.

So how do you two know each other?” they’d ask.

Oh, we work together,” I’d explain quickly.

And then you’d share some stories about our adventures at work – about my adventures at work. And you’d always end off with saying something like, “Isn’t she amazing?” You really made me feel special that night. You also made the rest of the girls feel completely jealous. In some weird, sadistic way, I kind of enjoy that.

I felt so lucky to be with you. That night, I learned to let things go. I started not to care about what other people thought of me. I knew what you thought of me and that was all that mattered. I stopped apologizing because I realized you were having a great time. And your opinion was the only thing worrying me that night.

And when we slow-danced that night, I was too embarrassed to say that you were my first dance ever. Well – if you can count that boy in grade eight who asked me to dance. Except I was too taken aback so I jokingly suggested that I dance on his feet like how they did in movies. Either I was too heavy or he was too weak because it didn’t work out and he actually left me on the dance floor. So that hardly counts as my first slow dance. That counts as my first embarrassing moment with the opposite sex though.

I just wanted to tell you that I had a great night and it was all because of you. Thank you for teaching me the lessons you did that night.

Thank you for driving me home. I’m sorry that there was no after-party. I wasn’t exactly invited. You gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me, “Hey, no more apologies, okay?

Okay, that was the last one. I promise.

Good,” you said with a small, handsome smile. “I had a blast tonight.

You were closer to me than ever before. Our foreheads were pressed together and I couldn’t stop smiling while looking into your bright, chocolate brown eyes.

Thank you for coming to prom with me.

Anything for you.

I felt my heart soar. I was flying into the sky. Cloud 9. Straight up, cloud 9! Although my tomato-red face could use some help.

7:00 Friday night? I’ll pick you up.

It’s a date. Oh boy, it’s a date.

Except this will probably never happen in real life. Because that “thing” you had with another girl? Well, apparently it’s back on. I found out today…after I had imagined this entire story in my head. Thanks for putting up all those pictures on Facebook. Both of you. I can’t even describe how much they hurt. My heart sank. It fell into a pile of knots and shreds. I would love to hate her but I can’t. I don’t even know her. But I sure hate the fact that she’s the girl who managed to steal your heart away from me. Because I know I’m right for you. I just know it. You belong with me. I want you to be happy though…and if she makes you happy then you should be with her. But I can’t help but think that she isn’t right for you. I wish you would just give me a chance. And then I look at the big picture – the fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend, the fact that I’ve never had a first kiss, the fact that I don’t really belong anywhere – I can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with me.


prom would be amazing with that boy (1/2)

Oh, I almost forgot. Your prom is coming up. Excited?” he asked. He was leaning over my chair, making it rock back and forth gently, and I had to turn around to face him.

I don’t know. I think prom is a little bit overrated,” I answered. Oh God, he was close. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. I had to back up a little. Not that I wanted to but because I was afraid my supervisor would walk in on us and think that there was something going on. Not that my supervisor would care. I was one of his favourite staff members.

A little bit. I mean, my prom was pretty amazing but it wasn’t, you know, ‘the best time of my life.'”

I chuckled and turned away. Oh boy, he really had a hold on me. Our story isn’t anything special, really. We work together and when we started talking, we just…clicked. Or at least I thought we clicked pretty well. He was absolutely hysterical. And the best part? He thought I was pretty hilarious as well. I always thought something could happen between us, before I found out he had a “thing” going on with another girl – the girl he went to his prom with. Story of my life.

Are you going with anyone?” he asked, his chocolate brown eyes curious and playful. They were so welcoming and bright.

No…” I laughed nervously, my face turning red. As usual.

Really?” he smiled, amused. He was either genuinely surprised or acting shocked. I hoped it was the former. He had this sly, mischievous smile on his face and his eyes appeared even more playful than before.

Great. I was so embarrassed. First, because he knew I was going alone. And second, I always turn tomato-red whenever he smiles at me like that.

I tried defending myself, “I mean…there’s nobody at my school I want to go with. I don’t really click with any of the guys and besides, there are only 5 couples in the entire school. Honestly! Almost everyone is going alone. I know it sounds bad but there’s nobody at my school worth going with. There aren’t a lot of options. Okay, that sounds really bad. I mean, there just isn’t anyone at my school I want to go with.

Shoot. I can’t believe I said those horrible things about the people at my school. That’s not who I am. I wanted to disappear. But he laughed softly, got off my chair, and sat on the desk in front of me. He leaned back on his hands.

Would you go with me if I went to your school?

I always thought he could never like me because of his situation. Then he says things like this and I can’t help but fill up with hope. His perfect, white teeth, his soft laughter, and his kind eyes just make me melt. Was it possible to turn even more red than I already was? Humiliating.

And at the time, I couldn’t help but blush, taking in his words. I tried to think of something witty to say. And the creative person I am, said this, “If you asked me, yes. But too bad you don’t go to my school.” That’s the best you could come up with? Nice going, you imp.

He grinned his perfect smile, as he always does, before he said, “Oh, my rotation just ended. Gotta go guard the pool!

I hate how short 15-minute intervals are.

I write like…

I write like
Stephen King

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let’s watch the world go round

it’s always winter, but never christmas.
it seems this curse just can’t be lifted.

He looked at her, wishing he could do something.

He had just met her. They had only known each other for a few months – 4 months, to be specific, he thought to himself. He couldn’t help but feel this way about her. She was one of the most amazing people he had ever met. Yes, he knew he had only just met her. She was nice, kind, funny, and smart.

‘I know that sounds generic,’ he thought. But she was so much more than that. She was real. Not as in a real person – of course she was a real person. What’s the word for it? She was genuine. The kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with. The kind of person everyone just loved. The kind of person who was caring, kind-hearted, and most importantly – selfless. Her heart was as pure as glacier water, just…warm…glacier water. She never said anything bad about anyone before, ever – that he knew of, of couse.

But she was crying. He wanted to know why. He knew it had something to do with her boyfriend. He was never the right one for her. How can she not realize?

‘I’m the one for you, he thought. ‘You were always supposed to be with me.’

‘Why would he do this to me? Accusing me of lying? He called me a liar, Sidney!’ she said through streaming tears and red, puffy eyes. Her nose was red and runny, her hands were full of wet, crumpled tissues, her skin was pale and white.

He wanted to scream out,‘You’re beautiful! Don’t listen to him. He’s a jerk for making you cry – for calling you a liar. He doesn’t realize what he has.’ But he bit his tongue.

He couldn’t say it. Why was this so hard for him? Maybe it’s because he was just a friend. Who knew that word could hurt so much?

A part of him was always waiting for Beth and Jake to break up. He thought maybe then it would be his chance to swoop in and steal her heart. Seeing the pain that was on her face – her deep love for this Jake guy – he was having second thoughts. He had fantasized the entire thing. How he would take her out into the city at night and ask her out over a candlelight dinner at the Fat Belgian. How her eyes would shine and her face would glow at his request. How she would finally realize her undying love for him and take him in her arms.

Sometimes he felt like he was watching a movie. He felt as if he was seeing life from the outside looking in. He felt as if he was intruding into Beth’s life and he felt as if he didn’t belong. As if he was all alone watching the world go round without him. He wanted so desperately to take her in his arms and whisper, ‘Come with me. Let’s escape our lives. Let’s run away together and watch the world go round without us.’