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It’s like a rush
A sudden movement of envelopment
A cold front from your feet
That catches your chest within seconds
And milliseconds later
Wraps itself around your head
You feel suffocation
But you enjoy it
You can move freely around it
It tingles your skin
It sends goosebumps up your spine
It raises your hair from your neck
It’s deathly and fatal
But for others, it’s heaven
For once you feel graceful
Like a ballerina with no imperfections
You forget your insecurities
You are flawless in this vast tank
You are that skinny, beautiful model
In that photo-shoot you’ve always wanted to do
You feel weightless
As you float
In the WATER


I’m stuck
In this endless, dark tunnel of uncertainty
I’m scared
For the future is unknown and dark
Its edges are rusty
It’s holes are deep

To have everything I’ve worked so hard for
Not fall through the way I want it to
Is the greatest tragedy that could befall upon me

I’m on a balance beam
Trying to balance everything in my life

Carrying books in one hand
A heart in the other
And a soul waiting to break free
In my third hand

Time is passing by but I’m not moving forward
There’s no progress in this new life of mine that has fallen apart
I don’t belong here
That’s already predetermined
I already knew that

There’s a whole world waiting for me out there
I’m stuck here though
Not moving forward
Wanting to go back
But I’m not about regrets
I have no regrets

Je ne regrette rien

That’s the way I choose to live
But must having no regrets mean being stuck?

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