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The Bucket List…in brief.

A life without passion is a life without love. It is important to find a passion – it brings a meaning to life. What saddens me the most is to see someone who doesn’t have a hobby. People who aren’t living life and loving it. People who don’t have a purpose.

  1. iSwim
  2. iLearn
  3. iTravel
  4. iLove

I swim for exercise – a spiritual cleansing of the body. It gives me a few hours to meditate, to concentrate on nothing but my body, and the surrounding waters. I don’t swim competitively. I sometimes can’t help but wish I could swim faster. I swim to strengthen myself. I need to become stronger – both mentally and physically. Swimming is a sport which exercises all parts of the body.

I learn. Learning is endless. There are so many possibilities. I learn about different cultures, different languages, math, science, the humanities, everything! It is impossible to know everything there is to know about this world; I want to get the closest to it.

I travel for freedom. For a sense of independence. For adventure. For love. I seek a destination. Sometimes I don’t. I want to go wherever life takes me and experience nature and history at its best.

I love.

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